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Perspectives on Federal IT Modernization Webinar Series Part 1
March 9, 2022

REI developed an 8-part webinar series to help our clients smoothly navigate and manage complex and large application modernization projects. The series covers critical topics that deepen the skills and knowledge of government leaders and managers so they can deliver successful and high-quality IT solutions on time, within budget, and while piloting complex environments.  Leading the presentations are seasoned business professionals and technology leaders with a combined 40+ years in IT solution delivery in the federal government. Walk away with innovative insights, best practices, and scenario-based solutions to enhance your project success.

Part 1: Cloud Modernization – Lessons, Risks, and Benefits

In recent years, cloud has been more firmly cemented into the foundation of federal IT, especially with the advancement of the federal cloud computing strategy from Cloud First to Cloud Smart. As cloud modernization gains more prominence, understanding the technology and devising a clear strategy and implementation plan becomes vital. This session, created for federal IT program/project managers, will focus on breaking down cloud constructs – the benefits and the challenges/risks to look out for – that are key to future-proofing your modernization efforts. Ankit Battawar and Sandeep Kumar, REI Systems technical experts, discuss government-wide initiatives and agency-specific efforts to prioritize flexibility and cost efficiencies for deploying cloud solutions that best meet an agency’s unique business needs. Using lessons learned over the past years, Battawar and Kumar offer ideas for planning and managing cloud projects to improve success rates.

The IT landscape is always changing “Cloud Modernization Lessons, Risks, and Benefits” provides you the roadmap to develop your Cloud Modernization strategy. Battawar and Kumar walk you through developing your right migration approach and the continuous innovations for post-migration, including 2022 cloud trends.

For more information or questions about Cloud Modernization – Lessons, Risks, and Benefits contact info@reisystems.com. 

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Meet Your Presenters:

Sandeep Kumar is a Sr. Technical Architect with 15+ years of comprehensive experience in software architecture, design, development, testing, and deployment of complex large-scale web applications, and modernization of legacy systems for the U.S. Government and Financial business applications. He is also a certified Professional level AWS Solutions Architect and a cloud enthusiast!

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Ankit Battawar is a Cloud Solution Architect leading REI’s Cloud Competency across multiple accounts. He is a seasoned professional with cross-industry experience advising CIO and CTO organizations on business transformation using cloud and digital solutions.

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