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REI and ACF Win Innovation Award for Improving Services to Human Trafficking Victims
May 25, 2021
PR SCMS ACT IAC Igniting Innovation Award

REI Systems is proud to congratulate the Shepherd Case Management Systems (SCMS) team on winning a 2021 ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Award. The SCMS team consists of members from REI Systems and the Health and Human Services (HHS) Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP). The new SCMS better serves victims of human trafficking by facilitating services and support from multiple federal agencies into a single access point.

In 2018, ACF received three times more service requests than any previous year. The surge in demand and paper-based processes led the agency to ask REI to modernize the case management system used to manage and track information and services for victims of trafficking. The modernized, cloud-based application automates and streamlines cases and cuts administrative processing time in half, so victims receive the help they need faster. Victims now follow just one digital process, reducing the burden and improving their experience of not revisiting their victimization for each separate agency’s application process.

REI and ACF used an Agile approach to develop SCMS and achieved collaboration and reconciliation of requirements between agencies that assist victims, including HHS, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice. The resulting partnership also improved data sharing, to better predict potential future trafficking activity.

“REI is honored to receive this prestigious award in conjunction with our partners HHS/OTIP for our work to help improve services for human trafficking victims. REI is dedicated to making an impact through technology innovation,” said Sid Agarwal, REI’s Health Systems Senior Director.

SCMS was selected by a panel of judges and awarded out of 169 outstanding nominations. The SCMS team will receive the award at ACT-IAC’s Emerging Technology and Innovation Conference taking place from May 25-26th.

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Sid Agarwal