January 27, 2011

REI produced some remarkable results for our customers in 2010.  Take a look below at a few examples of what the REI Way delivered for our customers.

  • REI supported DOJ/OJPs Grants Management System move to the Cloud, which provides on-demand scaling, zero down-time for patches, and distributed hosting for failover.
  • Mobile device applications developed by REI and used by USDA APHIS staff have reduced operational efforts by 30%.
  • FEMA EADIS Work Orders led by REI have been appraised at CMMI Level 3 – thus realizing the FEMA CIO’s goal of implementing a standardized, repeatable engineering process.
  • FEMA systems developed by REI helped to provide funds to more than 100 under served communities to build new fire stations with Recovery Act funding.
  •  Implementation of REI EHBs at NASA NSSC has brought significant efficiencies, including reducing the contract award cycle time by ~30%.
  • VerifyPayment.gov, which REI developed for the Treasury Department will prevent improper Government payments, including fraud or ineligible recipients before they occur.The goal is to save $163.75M/year by 2013 as a result of using this capability.
  • Transparency gained from the IT Dashboard, developed by REI for OMB, has resulted in reduced spending on underperforming projects by $3B and has (on average) accelerated the cycle time of delivery of meaningful functionality from 24 months to 8 months.
  • Data.gov was originally launched with 47 datasets.The REI supported tool today supports more than 305K government datasets, 100’s of applications, and a global movement to democratize data.9 cities, 22 states, 10 countries and international organizations such as the World Bank are following Data.gov’s lead to make data available to the public.
  • As a result of ARRA grant funding awarded by REI’s HRSA EHBs, more than 2.7M new patients, including 1.5M new uninsured patients, were served while adding more than 10,000 health center jobs during the last 18 months.
  • The Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform) awarded $3.25B though HRSA’s EHBs that will increase the capacity of the health centers in the underserved areas to serve additional 3.25M patients.