November 1, 2017

REI’s own Eric Co, Project Manager of Open Government, and Nicolas Ojeda, Senior Business Analyst, recently published an article in FedScoop on the upcoming Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act, how it will affect Federal CIOs, and what steps they can take to prepare for fiscal year 2018 and the new legislation. An excerpt from the article is below:

Federal CIOs should start planning now, to make decisions on how to reprogram their IT investments. Taking action now will help define the baseline needed to define and capture savings that can be reallocated towards innovation under the MGT Act. With potentially more than $500 million available in a central IT modernization fund to improve government services, agencies may apply to borrow from it to fund their projects, with the requirement to repay the money over a five-year period, drawing expected savings from IT modernization initiatives. Areas ripe for these kinds of projects include cloud migration, cybersecurity and digital transformation.

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