April 9, 2019

Last month, REI Systems’ Business Development Director Gissa Sateri was part of the planning committee for the Acquisition Excellence 2019 Conference. REI Systems’ Enterprise Architect Pawin Chawanasunthornpot and Proposal Manager Ian Thomas attended the event as well. The theme for the event was Acquisition Innovation in Action, which is the idea that we’ve moved past introducing innovation and now is the time to explain how innovation is succeeding and spreading. At the conference, numerous speakers were invited to present on what innovation in government means.

Both Gissa and Pawin have been working vigorously over the past year on a project with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy along with ACT-IAC. The goal is to find ways for the government to use innovation in acquisition to make the processes less burdensome on government and industry. They have also been supporting the project by identifying agencies that have been using innovative practices.

This project was highlighted at a session titled “Fail Safe: Creating Cultures Where Innovation Can Flourish,” the planning the event was led by Gissa and supported by Pawin. They and a group of panelists discussed how many innovative acquisition practices have been identified and well-publicized across the Federal space, a.k.a the “WHAT,” and then focused on the “HOW” of setting conditions to enable those innovative practices to be successful.

To learn more about their efforts, please contact Gissa Sateri at gissa.sateri@reisystems.com or Pawin Chawanasunthornpot at pawin.chawanasunthornpot@reisystems.com.