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REI Systems Awarded CFDA and WDOL Core Modernization Task Order to Support GSA’s Integrated Award Environment (IAE)
December 9, 2015
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REI to enhance, develop, and maintain the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance and Wage Determination Online

Sterling, VA – December 9, 2015 – REI Systems (REI) announced today that it has been awarded the first Core Modernization Task Order issued to support the General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) Integrated Award Environment (IAE). REI Systems will work to enhance, develop, and maintain the key functions of Wage Determination Online (WDOL) and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). CFDA and WDOL are the two components of the first Core Modernization task order, making them the foundational works that will shape the design and development of the future federal award management platform.

This 5 year contract, worth $4.9M, will support the migration of these two legacy systems onto a new Common Services Platform (CSP) driven by Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and DevOps best practices. The IAE is a presidentially mandated E-Government initiative designed to improve the federal procurement and award processes using innovative technologies.

“REI is thrilled to begin supporting the IAE on its first Core Modernization task order,” said John Druitt, Senior Program Manager for Open Government at REI. “As REI successfully implements CFDA and WDOL, we expect the Government will experience immediate benefits and efficiencies.”

“We are excited to have this opportunity to expand the diversity of our support to and strengthen our long-term relationship with GSA” said REI’s Chief Operating Officer Scott Fletcher. “We believe in the mission behind IAE’s federal award systems, so being awarded the first task in modernizing these systems is a challenge we are excited to undertake.”

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