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REI Systems CEO Shyam Salona Featured in Ladders News
August 28, 2019
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REI Systems CEO, Shyam Salona, recently had the opportunity to speak with Ladders News. Ladders spoke with REI Systems founder and CEO to talk about 30 years of company success, advice for scaling a company and its culture, and how CEOs can keep from feeling lonely at the top.

Salona gives an inside look into REI Systems, what makes us different, how we have grown, and how we define success. When asked, “What else do you want people to know about REI Systems?” Salona responds with:

“Reflecting on the 30 years, when we started there was this dream of creating such an environment, we didn’t have an intent to be here 30 years after that and be where we are. So it’s really fulfilling to see that journey. Whatever our dreams and aspirations are, often we get hung up on the goals of where we are, what we have accomplished. I’ve learned over the years that it’s best to enjoy the journey, the tough times you face, how you face them, the growth you experience … just have fun doing it.”

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