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REI Systems enables Florida Department of Education’s move toward modernized Enterprise Grants Management
June 25, 2019
news rei enables FL department of education move towards enterprise grants mgmt

STERLING, Va., June 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — REI Systems announced that it has implemented a new Enterprise Grants Management Application (EGMA) for the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). The EGMA is an “enterprise system” through which all grants ($2+ billion annually) administered by FLDOE will be managed. FLDOE serves 2.8 million students, 4,200 public schools, and 28 colleges across 67 counties.

The successful implementation of REI Systems’ GovGrants® at FLDOE evidences two prominent government trends: (1) an increased government focus of on leveraging new technologies, such as low-code software platforms on the cloud, to enhance the citizen engagement experience, and (2) ensuring that public funds are directly tied to tangible mission outcomes, even when the program is carried out by a grant recipient. In addition to FLDOE, REI Systems has implemented GovGrants®, a cloud-based grants management solution built on the Salesforce platform, for the State of Texas, the State of Utah, the State of Louisiana, the District of Columbia, the City of San Diego, and the United States Agency for International Development. Each time, GovGrants® improved grant performance in a matter of months.

“REI is pleased to have successfully partnered with the State of Florida to deploy a mission-critical system that will benefit nearly 3 million students. Instead of being burdened by costly administrative efforts and managing with paper, Department staff and grant recipients can now focus on work with schools, teachers, and students,” says, Wagish Bharatiya, REI Systems Senior Director for GovGrants®.

Implementing GovGrants® for FLDOE will assist with tracking and managing their grants throughout the grants’ lifecycle, from Requests for Applications and application submission through monitoring and grant closeout. REI Systems completed implementation in May 2019 at an initial set of education programs, with plans to expand to all remaining FLDOE programs in 2020-2021.

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Learn more about GovGrants at www.govgrantsapp.com

Jeff Myers
Senior Director