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REI Systems’ Ignite Hosts Second Fundraiser for “Under Her” Charity
April 23, 2019
news Ignite hosts fundraiser under her charity
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Last year, our women’s forum, Ignite, held a fundraising event for the Under Her organization and we had the opportunity to host them again! Under Her addresses a sensitive and serious topic for all young ladies and women: access to sanitary products and undergarments. A lack of regular access to these basic necessities can be devastating yet unfortunately is the reality for many young ladies and women who are homeless. Something many might not realize is that this is also a reality for many young girls attending local elementary and middle schools in Loudoun County. Under Her provides donations of sanitary products to these schools and to the local community to help support women in need.

Earlier this month, the founder of Under Her, Shaye Brooks, came out to talk to our team about the organization, its impact, and some of the new initiatives she and her team started. After that, we assembled individual bags to be shared with schools and the community. The last fundraiser we did, we had more donations than there were bags available. This time we outdid ourselves and surpassed our previous amount! Congrats to the REI Systems team for all their hard work and a big thank you to Under Her for giving us the chance to help.