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REI Systems Wins Contract for the National Oil and Gas Gateway Project
October 26, 2016

REI to support new client at Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration

Sterling, Va. – 26 October 2016 – REI Systems (REI) announced today that it has been awarded the National Oil and Gas Gateway Project (Gateway) contract for the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (DOE EIA). The objectives of the Gateway are to create an automated process for retrieving oil and gas data from state and tribal data providers to the Gateway database, and to develop a public website demonstrating a national picture of well-level activity.

Under this contract, REI will develop a public user interface that will enable users to perform advanced queries and download data from custom searches, and to implement an automated data retrieval process from data providers participating in the Gateway effort. REI will also provide ongoing maintenance and support of the application as necessary. While REI has developed and maintained government websites including Data.gov and Recovery.gov, this will be the company’s first project developing an application for DOE EIA.

‘I am very grateful to EIA for giving REI this opportunity,’ says Samidha Manu, Senior Director at REI. ‘We are thrilled about the project for a number of reasons: it’s an opportunity to serve a new customer; the data analytics domain and the technical stack hit the sweet spot with our core competencies. It certainly has the team energized.’

The development and release of the Gateway will increase the transparency of oil and gas data, allowing for market analysis, forecasting, and assessing emerging plays and technology. The Gateway will be a tool useful for a broad audience, including the government-industry and financial analysts, scientific researchers, and anyone who is interested in accessing and analyzing well-level data across the United States.

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