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The burden of grants administration needs to be reduced and here’s how
July 16, 2019
Blog Burdern of Grants Administration Needs to be Reduced and Heres How

Grants play a vital role in communities across the nation. Grants help pay for services at community health centers. They are integral to providing funding for programs at public schools. Grants fund initiatives in the arts, bolster transportation projects, and support law enforcement agencies.

Grants touch nearly every aspect of our lives.

It’s no wonder, then, that according to a May 2019 Congressional Research Service report, the federal government is expected to provide state and local governments approximately $750 billion in grants in the fiscal year 2019.

Yet only part of those grant dollars goes toward their intended purpose.

Those topics and more were the subject of a focus group with 24 grant recipients participating on April 23,, 2019 at NGMA’s annual conference, and were presented at a May 30 Grants Management Breakfast Forum by three participants from that focus group. The Forum, titled “What is Grant Burden, and How to Reduce It,” was hosted by REI Systems and the George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration.

Read more about the burden of grants administration in Federal News Network by Jessica Hoban, Lisa Maher, Nancy Newton, and REI Systems’ very own Jeff Myers.