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Unleash the Untapped Potential of Data Analytics and other Insights from REI Systems’ Government Analytics Survey
March 23, 2020
Blog Unleash the Untapped Potential of Data Analytics
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Government agencies face a data dilemma.

By now, federal agencies universally recognize that data is an asset with seemingly limitless value as they seek to reduce costs, boost productivity, expand capabilities, and find better ways to support their mission and serve the public.

Yet, they’re encountering major difficulties in attempting to effectively analyze their data to fully realize this value. More than 80 percent of government analytics professionals say that analytics plays either a “dominant,” “important” or otherwise key role in their agency’s most significant decisions, with 62 percent indicating that analytics should primarily drive performance improvement and strategic development, according to a survey from REI Systems, Johns Hopkins University and the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council.

In other words, government personnel has more than enough data, but they don’t have the tools required to effectively leverage it. Put another way, it’s like having the correct ingredients, but no recipe to follow.

So how can government CIOs can leverage tools to get more out of their data? Continue reading below.

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