June 17, 2010

REI Systems Has Led Development and Maintenance Support of these Two “Game Changing” transparency dashboards.

Herndon, VA – June 17, 2010 – Two web sites developed by the Office of Management and Budget and supported by REI Systems (REI) have been chosen by the American Council for Technology and the Industry Advisory Council as Top 20 finalists for the 2010 Excellence.Gov awards. Recognized for best practices in the Federal Government’s management and use of information technology, ITDashboard.gov and USASpending.gov provide significant visibility into Federal agency spending and effectiveness.

The IT Dashboard (http://itdashboard.gov/) enables Federal agencies, industry, the general public and other stakeholders to view details of Federal information technology investments. The IT Dashboard provides information on the effectiveness of government IT programs, supports decisions regarding the investment and management of resources, and promotes participation by making spending data meaningful, accessible, and usable.

Initially developed in 2007, USASpending.gov (http://www.usaspending.gov) was conceived in response to a requirement in the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) of 2006 for a single web site to provide searchable information on Federal procurements. USASpending.gov provides federal procurement data, including agencies, awardees, amounts, and transaction types. Data from six major public sources and more than 40 Federal agencies feed USASpending.gov.

The finalists were honored at the Excellence.Gov Awards ceremony luncheon in
Washington, DC. This year’s awards theme was “Game Changers: Significant
Improvements in Mission Delivery.” A panel of 21 industry and government
executives served as judges of the more than 50 nominations received. According
to the ACT/IAC release, “the Excellence.Gov Awards Program recognizes those
federal programs – and their managers – who have achieved exceptional results in
the management of IT to support the government’s mission and serve citizens.”

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Scott Fletcher 
Chief Operating Officer ​