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REI Systems Awarded Outcome Based Delivery and DevOps Services II by USCIS
January 29, 2019
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Sterling, VA – REI Systems announced today that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) awarded the company a three-year contract to support Outcome-Based Delivery and DevOps Services II (ODOS) under DHS’ EAGLE II contract vehicle. USCIS selected REI Systems using an innovative “coding challenge.” Instead of requiring a written proposal that tells how a vendor will address an agency’s need, this procurement called on REI Systems and competitors to design and develop sample working software code. USCIS selected REI Systems based upon a real demonstration of the company’s engineering expertise and the quality of results delivered.

As REI Systems undertakes this task, the company will innovate together with USCIS to implement new, advanced technology quickly and efficiently. REI Systems will implement DevSecOps in an open-source, cloud-based environment, leveraging infrastructure as code and relying upon Test-Driven Development. REI Systems will demonstrate the value and flexibility of Containerized and Microservices-based Architecture and deploying new capabilities on an OpenShift Enterprise Container Platform. REI Systems is pleased to support USCIS in a multi-vendor environment, often a requirement for large and complex mission-enabling IT systems.

REI Systems’ Senior Director John Druitt lauded USCIS both for the novel acquisition approach and for its commitment to Agile software development, saying “USCIS is strengthening its technology advantage by using Agile to help achieve its mission in positive increments. This ‘show me, don’t tell me’ approach to procurement will ensure that USCIS finds the best technology partners to help achieve its mission.”

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Jeff Myers
Senior Director