December 16, 2010

REI develops New York City’s M/WBE Report Card Presenting the City’s Performance against Procurement Goals for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises

Herndon, VA, December 16, 2010 — REI Systems announced today the beta release of New York City’s Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprises Report Card NYC website. As part of the New York City Comptroller’s goal to increase transparency and promote equal opportunity contracting, City Comptroller John C. Liu commissioned REI to create the site to report City government spending with Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs).

According to the official New York City Comptroller’s News Release, the “M/WBE Report Card NYC gives the public user-friendly, interactive data that graphically presents just how much — or how little — each city agency spends from its eligible budget with minority- and women-owned business enterprises.”

As the latest addition to New York’s My Money NYC transparency initiative, the M/WBE Report Card NYC website provides spending data for the City’s 100+ agencies with M/WBE-certified vendors. The data reflects actual expenditures, but does not include sub-contracting data, which is functionality planned for a later release. This website allows New Yorkers to see where each City agency ranks on M/WBE spending and what industries and M/WBE-certified companies do the most business with the City.

“The public sector transparency and procurement performance reporting aspects of the M/WBE Report Card are outgrowths of the work that we perform for the Federal Government at OMB,” said REI Systems Executive Vice President Shyam Salona. “We are extremely proud to help NYC realize many of the same goals on the local level that our Federal clients ask us to do.”

The site’s address is

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