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The General Services Administration Renews Contract with REI Systems for Continued Development and Support of Data.gov
December 16, 2015

REI Systems to migrate sites to the Amazon Cloud and provide additional functional enhancements to Data.gov

Sterling, VA – December 16, 2015 – REI Systems (REI) announced today that the General Services Administration (GSA) has renewed its contract with REI to support development and enhancement of Data.gov, home of the U.S. government’s largest repository of open data.

This $1.7M contract succeeds REI’s previous work supporting the presidentially mandated website. The next phase of this project will focus on migrating the WordPress and CKAN sites to the Amazon Cloud (AWS), upgrading to the latest version of CKAN, launching key initiatives related to the President’s commitment to climate change, and providing additional functional enhancements to Data.gov.

Data.gov was created with the idea that the more accessible, discoverable, and usable data is, the more impact it can have. These impacts have included cost savings, improved civic services, informed policy, research and scientific discoveries, transparency and accountability, and increased public participation in the democratic dialogue.

“We have been promoting government transparency from the very beginning, and we are excited to continue promoting that agenda with our renewed support of Data.gov,” said Scott Fletcher, Chief Operating Officer at REI.

As the original developer of Data.gov, REI has exposed over 180,000 datasets to the public. Data.gov provides data that can be used to conduct research, create visualizations, and develop digital applications. Datasets can either be downloaded or viewed online or on apps that allow you to access and use the data.

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