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REI Systems Celebrates 31 Years with Gratitude!
July 6, 2020
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REI Systems Celebrates 31 Years in Business with a 31-Day Gratitude Celebration

What are you grateful for? How can we celebrate our company’s key milestones together while teleworking?

These are the questions REI Systems’ employees are exploring together, as we embark on a 31-day Gratitude Celebration to commemorate our 31st anniversary! June 26th marked REI System’s 31 years in business, providing IT Services to solve government’s toughest challenges.

Practices such as mindful meditation, writing letters of thanks to our deployed military, and journaling are a part of this month-long celebration, selected in lieu of the traditional in-person annual picnic.

REI Systems’ People Services team—dedicated to supporting REI’s 500+ technologists and professionals—leads the celebration, sharing gratitude practices during the month of July via email, corporate intranet, a collaborative resource library and REI Systems’ social media channels.

The Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

Studies show that practicing gratitude can lead to improved health and wellbeing. Robert Emmons, Ph.D., a preeminent researcher in gratitude and well-being has conducted long-term studies on the subject and cites the following benefits to our health and well-being;

• Optimism about the future
• Progress towards personal goals
• Increased alertness, enthusiasm, determination
• Increased generosity towards helping others
• High energy positive moods
• Increased exercise
• Better sleep

More information on these studies can be found online here.

A Grateful Company

In this time of uncertainty, REI Systems has much to be grateful for; supporting 25+ federal agencies and over 180 state, local and commercial customers, we are on track to exceed our strategic goals in revenue, integration of automation practices, and hiring.

The Gratitude Celebration is a great opportunity to not just explore areas of personal gratitude—but it is also an excellent time to recognize our accomplishments corporately—especially during these challenging times.

Join us this month and see how incorporating a daily gratitude practice can make a noticeable difference in your outlook, health and well-being. For more information on our Gratitude Celebration, please contact DL_Agile_People_Team@reisystems.com .

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