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REI Systems is pleased to announce a new Video Blog series, focusing on improving government through technology. Each blog will be released in the first week of each calendar month. We are happy to have guest bloggers, so please contact us if you would like to record a Video Blog on our platform!




Sallyann Harper

Former CFO, GAO & EPA

Improving Grants’ Impact

Shelley Metzenbaum

Former OMB Chief Performance Officer


With our constantly growing library of case studies, white papers, newsletters, and blog posts, we aim to provide a unique perspective on the capabilities we offer, the work we do, and the impact we have on the American people. We also seek to share what it means to be reliable, effective, and innovative in today’s ever-changing world at the intersection of Government solutions and innovation.

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Sitting at the forefront of where technology, processes, and systems are going is critical to delivering the next generation IT solutions to our government customers. We aspire to serve our customers as trusted advisors; knowledgeable sounding boards when critical decisions need to be made and Sherpas when uncertainty strikes.

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The only constant when it comes to helping our Government customers use technology to drive mission outcomes is change. At REI, we believe that as systems, processes, and technologies continue to evolve, our people need to adapt faster. As a firm, our ability to serve our customers is only as good as our employees’ ability to navigate the challenges of conquering the unknown future.